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Born and raised in Haiti, daughter of a milliner and a saxophonist, Miu is passionate with sharing her music with the world. She made her debut through a contest, using the song she composed on that occasion to get started.

Eclectic Pop singer-songwriter, her versatile side urges her to draw her style in the mix with other rhythms and urban genres. Based on collaborations and inspiration, her music is created in 4 languages ​​(Creole, French, Spanish and English). This has given her the chance to collaborate with various arrangers and artists from Saint Lucia, Puerto Rico, Tanzania, the United States, France and Haiti.

Miu Haiti has received an honorable mention award for this song at the 22nd Annual USA Songwriting Competition. A remix of that track on a local rhythm called “Rabòday” have gotten her an award, issued by "Le p'ti Club", Florida.

She received the “Best Pop Song” Award for her song ‘They Say” in April 2018 at the Akademia Music Award of Los Angeles. She is nominated as Best Female Solo Artist of the Year on the Prestigious Haitian Music Award of 2018.

In April 2017, she collaborated with a Boston band "The Sunset Kings", met at the CD Baby International Artists' Summit in the city of Chicago in November 2016. From this collaboration have resulted performances and music that will be part of their respective projects.

For 2016, she was nominated "Best Female Artist of the Year" at the Creole Magazine Awards and the HMI Music Awards respectively. Her first album "Unexpected" was released in November 2014 and includes five music videos.

Evolving in a limited environment, she had to dig deeply into her artistic senses. She thus improvised herself stylist and makeup artist before being able to work with local professionals. She also touched on drama, fashion and poetry, and in the spring of 2012 she published a collection of poems entitled "Danses Affolées".

During her journey she shared the stage with local and international stars at various events such as the Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival.

Miu Haiti is now working on new materiel that will express a definite shift in her career.




“En effet, à la lumière de ces écrits, il convient de mentionner que l’artiste Miu marche vers son apogée et décrète la permanence en sorte qu’elle puisse, à foison, devenir de plus en plus influente surtout dans la région caraïbéenne.”

Kenley Jean-Baptiste; Haiti Reyèl - Miu : L’expression d’une artiste qui vit déjà son rêve!

“Le moins que l’on puisse dire, c’est que les jeux de couleurs présents dans ce clip ravissent les yeux et invitent carrément à la plage et à la détente. Et de plus, on retrouve une Miu plus sexy que jamais. L’artiste semble avoir changé de cap depuis le titre Tann ; on la retrouve de plus en plus sexy dans ces vidéoclips, un délice pour le public. C’est l’heure de la pause alors visionnez cette vidéo et imaginez-vous à la plage.”

LOOPHAITI - Vidéo: Ayayay Miu feat Baky

“Du rock qui sonne hip hop”

Radio Soleil, Saint Paul / Ile de la Réunion - Les commentaires des radios

“Multi-lingual, she participated in an international competition that resulted in a single with American artist T-Pain. She has collaborated with various arrangers from locations ranging from St. Lucia to Puerto Rico, Tanzania, the United States, and, of course, Haiti, and also published a book of poems in French and plans on writing again.”

Now Hear This Entertainment - NHTE 120 Miu

“For the first time, I’m reviewing an artist from Haiti. Miu is precisely what I look for from international acts;”

Molly Shores, Shutter 16 - Miu Haiti: ReverbNation brings other-worldly music sass

“Très belle voix, superbe morceau!”

Passion FM, Orp-Le-Grand / Belgique Europe - Les commentaires des radios

“A versatile artist, singer and songwriter, Miu mixes a number of popular styles (hip-hop, reggae, soul, RnB, Pop etc.) into Urban Music.”

Monica Mel, Global Rockstar magazine - Artist Of The Day

“Miu fait partie des jeunes étoiles montante de la musique haïtienne. La jeune femme a déjà un album et plusieurs clips à son actif.”

LOOPHAITI - Vidéo : They Say Miu

“Une voix toute à fait originale!”

Passion FM, Orp-Le-Grand / Belgique - Les commentaires des radios

"Unexpected" est une plogée dans un univers métissé, avec des titres irrigués d'un "flow" entraînant et rageur.

Rosny Ladouceur, Le Nouvelliste - « Unexpected », un bain de « world music »

“Many genres are visited in her music, tracks might feel like US Pop, R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, Ballad, Soul, EDM, Reggaeton or World. The inspiration comes in an eclectic way, it even comes in different languages such as Haitian Creole, French, Spanish and English.”

http://nijimagazine.com/ - Introducing Miu Haiti

“Voici Miu Haiti avec sa toute nouvelle vidéo Se Pa Premye Fwa [Eh! Yo!]. Miu Haiti est une artiste polyvalente, elle compose et chante mélangeant plusieurs styles classés « Musique Urbaine », elle parle également le créole, le français, l’espagnol et l’anglais. En 2007, sa carrière est lancée et depuis, elle a partagé la scène avec plusieurs artistes tel que Khali, Eddy François, Belo, Mikaben & Alan Cavé. Une artiste à découvrir absolument.”

http://loungeurbain.com/ - À Découvrir : Miu Haiti – Se Pa Premye Fwa [Eh! Yo!]

“Elle a vraiment de l'originalité. Les sons se mélangent et surprennent, se superposant sur sa voix douce mais cachant une force évidente.”

Love FM, Fukuoka / Japon - Les commentaires des radios

“A polyvalent artist, she is a composer and a vocalist that blends numerous styles of the ‘Urban Music’ (hip-hop, reggae, soul, RnB, pop, etc). Her very first album “Unexpected” has just been issued in November 2014 and is available online.”

kreolmagazine.com - Miu Talented new Haitian Urban singer

“Grandiose! C'est le seule mot qui peut décrire avec exactitude la première vente signature de l'album "UneXpected de Miu à Great Times (Irish Village) le 29 Novembre 2014.”

Franciyou Germain - Mag Haiti - Miu signe son premier album avec finesse à Irish Village

“Miu a osé la différence.”

Roland Léonard, Le Nouvelliste - Miu "Unexpected"… enfin !

“J'aime beaucoup, bravo!”

Radio Internationale d'Athènes - Les commentaires des radios

"Miu" (pronounced me-you), a young and talented Haitian artist decided to start to conquer the Haitian public, Caribbean and even further ... Who knows?

http://www.caribbeancommunitylive.com - Miu Haiti, Artiste

“She is the daughter of a saxophonist and a milliner. She came to life with deep artistic senses.”

dancehallreggaeworld.com - Miu - Haitian Reggae, Rock, Hip-Hop and Soul recording artiste

“haiti promessing talent!”

Spot Light Magasine - Spot Light Magasine

“future haitian star!”

Haiti Observateur - Haiti Observateur 

Acheivement, Nominations and Awards



- Brand Ambassador for Fashion brand Name Ralph Leroy

- Brand Ambassador for of Makaya Chocolat

- Top 20 European Indie Top 20 Countdown Season 01 - July 2016


- Nomination for Best female Artist Of The year on the HMI Music Award 2016

-#2 in Video Chart Top10 mimizik.com - July 2016


- Nomination for Best female Artist Of The year on the Creole Magazine Award 2016 CMMVA16


- Top 10 on “N1M HIP-HOP/R&B” chart


- Honorary plaque for best video collaboration with Misty Jean for the song "Banm Ma Baw" - March 2017




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